Federal Inflation Reduction Act Funding*

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The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 has radically changed the affordability and accessibility of clean energy solutions for municipalities. Over the next decade, the federal government is set to provide support for schools across the country to embrace ground source heat pumps, solar energy systems, and energy storage. Come learn about these new incentives and how they can unlock solutions for your district that will reduce operating costs, expand access to cooling, provide clean heat, and increase community resilience.


Sara Ross



Sara Ross is a co-founder of UndauntedK12, a nonprofit focused on supporting America’s public schools to make an equitable transition to zero carbon while preparing youth to build sustainable futures in a rapidly changing climate. Prior to her work at Undaunted, Sara founded Sungage Financial, a residential solar finance company that makes clean energy accessible to more homeowners. Sara serves on the board of the BASIC Coalition, a non-partisan coalition of civic, public sector, labor, and industry associations who support federal funding to help under-served public school districts modernize and build K-12 public school facilities.

Tracey A. Ogden


TAO Consulting

Tracey Ogden’s expertise is groundwater development, specializing in drilling & geothermal installations throughout New England for 29 years. As a Principal at TAO Consulting, Tracey provides early design consultation, bid de-scoping, implementation, project oversight, expert witness services, peer reviews, commissioning and LEED excellence achievement. She fills the gap between the geo-technical designer/OPM and the general contractor. Her services ensure the geothermal/groundwater project achieve the intended objective and has no technical or contractual obstacles.

Chris Pimental

Senior Account Executive

Centrica Business Solutions

Chris is an energy efficiency professional with over 15 years of energy services experience under financed, performance-based contracting models. Possessing both a legal and technical background, he combines broad level energy resource management expertise with a detailed understanding of the related contract vehicles, business models and financial tools to best help owners and facility managers design, finance, and implement comprehensive sustainability projects. In addition to his energy work, Chris spent 5 years as a project manager, directing water conservation projects for the Metropolitan Water District and its member agencies in LA, services on the Sharon Energy Advisory, directing up to 100+ workers on special event projects. Chris brings a strong local presence and reputation in New England, having served as President of the NE Association of Energy Engineers and member of the Mass ESC.


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Session Feedback: Federal Inflation Reduction Act Funding
Recorded 11/15/2022
Recorded 11/15/2022
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1.00 PDP credit  |  Certificate available