FY23 A.I. Position Control Part III: Moving from Concept to Implementation

Position control is a method used by organizations to manage and control their workforce and expenses by tracking and monitoring the number of authorized positions and the associated costs. It creates a framework of positions for all the jobs within your district without regard to whether there is an incumbent in a specific job or not. The best way to implement position control will depend on the specific needs and characteristics of each organization. Explore the benefits and pitfalls using your own FY 24 Staffing Plan in MUNIS, Google Sheets or Excel to see if this tool will work for you.  (We will not be covering actual formulas or software features.  Knowledge of Munis Job/Salary Screen or Pivot Tables will be helpful, but not required)

  • What are the important things to know when implementing Position Control?
  • Who Controls the process and decisions?  
  • What are the tools and skills needed for success?

(From FY22 Annual Institute) Position Control as a Management Tool: Part I & II (Slides will be provided)

  • budget for employee salaries, hours, and full-time equivalents (FTEs)
  • analyze and review position budgets
  • transfer position budget information to the general ledger
  • assign an employee to a position budget

Mary Ellen Normen

Administrator for Business and Finance

Lincoln Public Schools

Mary Ellen Normen is a knowledgeable and skilled leader in public education and municipal management. She has spent 30 years working in municipal and school finance roles for MetroWest area communities in Massachusetts. She has held the roles of Treasurer/Collector and School Business Official in six communities during her career in municipal finance after starting her career as a Presidential Management Intern with the US GAO. She often serves as an instructor and mentor for many school business administrators in the areas of municipal finance law, policy analysis, program evaluation, and is an advocate for fostering collaborative partnerships within schools and municipal departments.

Michael MacMillan (Moderator)

School Business Manager

Monomoy Regional School District

Michael MacMillan is currently the Business Manager for the Monomoy Regional School District. He previously held the same position in the Cohasset Public Schools and Wareham Public Schools. Prior to entering school finance, Michael worked in school technology, national government finance and policy, and management consulting.


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