FY23 A.I. Maximizing the IRA and Energy Incentives to Drive Budget Neutral Capital Infrastructure

1: Understand the details and impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act and changes in New England energy incentives.
2: Learn how to maximize the benefits of these programs with budget-neutral projects, and no upfront capital.
3: Learn how to maximize available incentives for your institution while aligning with long-term goals and objectives.
4: Learn why now is the best time to take advantage and enable sustainable energy infrastructure upgrades.

Extreme increases in energy rates coupled with unprecedented federal funding and local renewable energy incentives have reshaped project economics in just over the last year. These developments improve project feasibility, enabling cities and towns to make budget-neutral, energy-efficient infrastructure upgrades throughout Massachusetts. Among recent bills, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) is the most comprehensive climate legislation in U.S. history, offering funding, programs, and federal “Direct Pay” credit incentives to accelerate the transition to clean energy technology. For the first time, tax-exempt entities investing in or producing clean energy can receive direct payment in lieu of tax credits, which have traditionally only benefitted the private sector. This IRA provision applies to states, cities, municipal utilities, school districts, and non-profits.

In this session, attendees will learn the details of these funding mechanisms and how to best leverage shifting local incentives and the federal Direct Pay program with budget-neutral performance-based financing models. This approach can help school administrators in New England address needed infrastructure, deferred maintenance, and capital improvements without allocating additional funds from their budget, while reducing carbon emissions and supporting sustainability goals/requirements. Please join Regina Durga and Chris Pimentel from Centrica Business Solutions to explore project scenarios comparing tax credits and local renewable energy incentives in our region.


Regina Durga

National Business Lead

Centrica Business Solutions

Regina brings over 20 years of experience leading teams to develop over $200M in comprehensive energy efficiency and renewable projects for a variety of customers including, colleges, municipalities, federal institutions, housing authorities, and commercial entities. Between her time at MA Department of Public Utilities, National Grid, Siemens and Centrica, Regina has built the tools and a deep knowledge base that’s employed to the highest effect for all her clients. In her current role, she leads a diverse sales team dedicated to improving the overall sustainability of our built infrastructure through truly comprehensive solutions that address both the demand and the supply side of the meter.

Chris Pimentel

Senior Account Executive


An energy professional and Certified Energy Manager with over 16 years of experience in the energy and building infrastructure industry. Possessing both a legal and technical background, Chris combines broad-level energy resource management expertise with a detailed understanding of the related contract vehicles, business models and financial tools to help best design, finance and implement comprehensive, sustainable and cost-effective energy infrastructure projects. Chris brings a strong local presence and reputation in New England, having served as President of the NE Association of Energy Engineers, sitting on the Finance Committee, Energy Advisory and Water Management Advisory Committees of his home town of Sharon MA.

Daniel Gale (Moderator)

Director of Finance and Operations

Hudson Public Schools

Daniel Gale has been in school finance since 2008 and has worked in Worcester, Clinton, Grafton, and now Hudson.  He graduated from Bucknell University with a major in Business Mgmt and from Clark University with a Master in Public Administration, and also completed the MASBO licensure program.  Daniel is currently on the Board of Directors of MASBO.  He enjoys professional development and collaborating with colleagues.  When not in the office, he enjoys playing all sports, especially golf, with friends and with his son.


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Session Evaluation: Maximizing the IRA and Energy Incentives to Drive Budget Neutral Capital Infrastructure
Recorded 05/17/2023  |  60 minutes
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