FY23 A.I. Audits of Massachusetts Educational Collaboratives

This session will cover the financial statement audit process and what management personnel of Massachusetts Collaboratives should expect during a financial statement audit. It will also discuss the differences in audit risks associated with collaborative’s audits, as well as the additional information required of collaboratives.

Renee Davis

Governmental Engagement Partner

Powers & Sullivan, LLC

Laura Stone

Governmental Manager

Powers & Sullivan, LLC

Christopher Haraden (Moderator)

Director of Finance and Operations

Southeastern Massachusetts Educational Collaborative (SMEC)

Chris has been the Director of Finance and Operations for the Southeastern Massachusetts Educational Collaborative since 2018. Previously, he led operations and education for one of the largest residential real estate brokerages in Massachusetts, wrote about public policy and government for a weekly newspaper, and owned an independent bookstore. He holds a degree in public administration from New York University and is pursuing his master’s in educational leadership at Worcester State University.


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Slide Deck: Audits of Massachusetts Educational Collaboratives
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Session Evaluation: Audits of Massachusetts Educational Collaboratives
Recorded 05/17/2023  |  60 minutes
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